Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We kill frogs and eat them too

The other day a child in S's class had a birthday. He had a bear birthday cake and gave everyone in the class a marzipan frog to take home. Mr. French picked them up for lunch and before he could stop them, the boys killed it on the playground. S immediately regretted his actions but nothing could be done to save the frog. S sulked all through the 2 hour lunch period at home and went back to school in a low mood.

But by the time he got home in the afternoon, he had his smile back. His teacher, apparently, felt sorry for him and after seeing what had transpired, gave him a new one. He was extremely careful bringing it home this time.

Now we have a frog and a "dead frog".

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>>>The Voice said...

What is the frog made out of?

>>>The Voice<<<