Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Random Post of odd things (plus a survey)

Since Mr. French is gone on this wet, wet Wednesday (our Saturday here) and he can't proofread for me, I thought I'd just post some randomness and then maybe, I can finally get around to posting about our trips and more French-focused things (as per Mr. French's request.) Also, come back tomorrow for the Much three people! Anticipated blog posting about all you ever wanted to know about French culture. If you don't, you might miss the great bribe contest for next week's Questionable Thursdays.

1. First up:

Do you think this lamp in our kitchen here is,
  • A. So cool. I wish I had one. Is it an antique?
  • B. A little odd. Glad it's not in my kitchen.
  • C. Total Kitsch.
  • D. I think I've seen uglier but now I'm not sure.
  • E. No, actually, I think that's the worst lamp I've ever seen.

Leave your vote in the comments section.

2. I got a package from my Mom on Monday.



Quite an improvement, don't you think?

3. Because 2 posts just doesn't seem right:


Mr. French said...

My vote for the hanging lamp in the kitchen is ...


Abigail said...

I don't know, I have been looking for the perfect light fixture for my kitchen. I wonder if they sell something similar here...

JoyfulJessica said...

1. I'm going with B -- A little odd, glad it's not in my kitchen

2. Yes, your feet look much happier. WTG, Mom.

3. Eww, are you brushing with mayo? ;-) Do they really sell mayo in toothpaste tubes? Wow.

Anonymous said...

I think I would choose B, for hanging lamp in the kitchen.

Joseph Jaroski

Swimming with frogs said...

Wow, a lot more positive votes than I'd expect. I guess that's good.

Just wait, Abigail, we might be able to make it a Merrier Christmas for ya.

Yeah, Jessica, isn't the mayo cool? I could've just bought a little jar, but man, why, when it comes in a tube! They also sell tomato paste that way, which I really like, but I know "they" sell it in the states too.

Hey Joseph, what does your dad think?