Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Some more pictures and a clarification

1. First the clarification: In case it wasn't clear, the trip to Annecy did not happen last week. It actually happened in October. We're quite behind in posting. But I'll try to make that more clear in the future.

2. Here's some more pictures of our view: (on the other side of the apartment)

This is out the boy's bedroom window to the east.

This is out the same window to the west.

(And I took these pictures yesterday.)

3. We've had some trouble with our refrigerator. The thingy for changing the temperature on it is broken, so I never know whether I'm making it colder or warmer until later. (after I've forgotten to check again.) Usually, I just leave it alone.

Last night when I found two of these:

I decided it was maybe a little too cold in there. I guess we could just start keeping our eggs in our pantry.

But then, it's screened in (as in open to the elements) so they'd probably look the same in the end.

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