Tuesday, January 23, 2007

We interrupt this current blogging hiatus with live coverage of....

The First Snowfall of the Year!!!!!

At first, it wasn't sticking because it had rained for several hours previously, but now it's starting to stick to the cars and houses. S was the first to notice it and he asked immediately if we could go make a snowman!

It's better than TV!

(We're all (except Mr. French, of course) home sick today and yesterday and the day before....)


Julie said...

We are homesick for you, too. Have you seen the pictures of "snow" in San Antonio? Joelle and Grace played outside for 2 days straight! What a thrill! Check out their blogs for the pix.

Rebekah said...

We just had our first winter storm this week as well. The girls tried to make snowmen out of the sleet but they said it was too hard.

barbara said...

Hi family :)
Very cute, the photos of your sons.
This is my first time "chez vous", at your blog.
I'am also a US expat, living in my own "frogpond", near Paris.
Have a nice day !