Friday, March 30, 2007

A spring walk, or "how to wear out boys"

A couple days ago we went for a walk,
not just because it was a beautiful day,
but because these particular
boys were driving me crazy with their non-stop
energizer bunny impersonations.
Whoever gave them the expensive rechargeable batteries
instead of the old generic ones I seem to have
needs to come live in a two bedroom apartment with them.
Especially this one with the "race track" floor plan that allows running in circles
with planes and swords and pulling little people on blankets
as fast as they can get away with.

We enjoy walking down by the river because it's a walking path
and there are no cars.
It makes it much more relaxing for the parents. Of course, walking next to a
rocky cliff with a river at the bottom has it's disadvantages, but it's still easier than
watching for cars.

River on one side, mountains all around.

When we got back home, we were talking about the walk with Daddy
and C said we'd seen a man
with a fishing pole trying to catch
Wishful thinking on his part I think.

And now, the hill.
This is where I can single-handedly wear out boys.
It's easy.
First, take them on a walk that's 1.4463 miles (approximately).

Then "make" them walk up this hill and run down several times.

When the youngest slips in the "stream" (water drainage with pond-like scum in it)
insist that it's time to go home.
They'll complain for about .32 miles,

But then the youngest will "beg" to ride in the stroller
(which he is loathe to do at all other times).
And all the way home you'll get to hear those beautiful words:
"Mom, I feel tired."

At last.

(J actually slept, even after carrying him into the house, changing his clothes and diaper until 7am the next day! Do you think I could get a patent for this?)

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