Saturday, June 2, 2007

French Choir

One of the Mr. French's fellow students has a kid's choir that our kids attend. They learn mostly French songs and some silly English songs. They love it. About a month ago they performed at the Nursing Home here in our town. Mr. French took this video. (Va was there, but not in the video because he was out of the line of vision where Mr. F was sitting.)

There he is.
No 'kid's performance' would complete without a picture like this.

(Sorry, it's blurry. Mr. F said he couldn't use the flash.)


JoyfulJessica said...

Awww....that was so cute!! I loved the ending especially. He seemed really into it! How much French have they picked up?

Swimming with frogs said...

It's hard to tell how much they've picked up. S' teacher says he understands French very well, but rarely speaks it in class. C speaks French more at home. We had a French woman over for dinner the other night and C made more of an effort to speak French, so we thought that was interesting.