Monday, November 27, 2006

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good:

We never thought we'd have a washing machine in our apartment. We knew it wasn't standard and we certainly weren't going to buy one. We started off using the laundrymat just around the corner, right near our favorite park, Parc Aubry. The prices weren't too bad and it's not like there were a lot of options anyway. The best part was that they had the biggest washing machine around fitting 16 kg. I can't tell you how big that is but I could do a whole week's worth of laundry using that machine once and a small 7 kg machine for the whites. But still, all said and done, we usually paid between 12-20 Euros for laundry every week. (The difference between accident-free nights or not.) We also used the dryer because we didn't have enough room to dry everything in the apartment all at once.

Then, the best thing happened. Our "neighbors" (another family at the school who live right around the "other" corner from us) said they had an "extra" machine in their apartment and would we like to use it? It was just sitting on their porch! Mr. French says I don't use enough superlatives in my speech, so let me start now. It's changed my life! I love to wash clothes in the comfort of my home! Instead of trying to get as much wear out everybody's clothes (mostly just pants, we can't go completely "European" on you) and towels, we can just wash them! And I don't mind not having a dryer! I kind of like hanging everything up! (Except towels. I do go fluff them in the dryer around the corner.) (okay, yes, I realize that exclamation points don't count as superlatives. I can't change overnight.)

The BAD:

From the moment we unpacked, I knew something was wrong. I thought we left the States to get away from "cheap" furniture. The kind that falls apart when you touch it. Or look at it. Or peak around the corner because you heard a noise and find it trying to beat itself up. After about a week, I stopped using all but the top drawers. Then last week I pulled everything out and put it in the corner, facing the wall. And that's where it will stay until it can learn to behave!

The Ugly:

This is our bed.

This is our bed on drugs.

Any Questions?

"Um, yes, I do." said someone from the back of the class, raising her arm timidly.

"Oh, yes. Go ahead." responded the teacher.

"Um, why did it take you 2 1/2 months before you realized that you could just turn it over to get a nicer, cream-colored bedspread?"

"Uh, right. Well." stumbled the teacher. Why must people torture me? she thought. Am I just supposed to admit that it never occurred to me, not even once in 2 1/2 months?

"Well..." continued the teacher, "uh...I think we're out of time. Class dismissed."

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