Friday, November 24, 2006

She's younger than she looks...

The other day, Mr. French was playing a game of "round robin" ping pong with a group of men from the school. Todd, whom Mr. French has been getting to know recently, said,

"How old are you?"

Mr. French, who usually never answers this question directly, said, "mshuejdik years old."

"Oh, I would have thought you were in your mid-thirties and were just prematurely gray." said Todd.

"Well, I was prematurely gray in my thirties. But, thanks for thinking I'm younger than I am." said Mr. French with a thumbs up.

"Because your wife is really young looking. She looks like she could be 18." Todd continued.

"Actually she's 16." He replied with a straight face.

Not as many people laughed as Mr. French had expected.


>>>The Voice said...

That is pretty funny.
Did he eventually tell them your real age?

>>>The Voice<<<

Swimming with frogs said...

Nope. Keeping the mystery alive.

>>>The Voice said...

That's funny!
Hey when are you going to start commenting on my blog?
I would enjoy that. I am getting persecuted for knitting, I already have 10 comments from the 22 I think. So any way we shall see how many I can get eh!
Well hope to see more posts soon, I like the funny ones the best!

>>>The Voice<<<