Wednesday, November 22, 2006

“It is as if all American appliances dreamed of being cars while all French appliances dreamed of being telephones”

I've never had a dream kitchen. I've come close to a good kitchen with lots of cabinets and counter tops but it's never been perfect. It's a good thing too, because I certainly would've cried after leaving it for this one.

If the French are sooooo serious about their cuisine, I'd just like to know, how are you supposed to take cooking seriously in this one?

For instance, where are you supposed to put the bowl of batter for the pancakes and the plate for the finished ones and the spatula for turning them? Where?

Oh, right, the sink.

I will say that it's the widest, albeit shallowest, sink I've ever had so it does work very well for a pseudo-countertop. (how's that for turning a almost complaint into a postive statement?)

Now for the refrigerator. It was the most disappointing when I thought it didn't work. I thought I'd have to shop everyday because it just wasn't keeping anything cold. Then some brilliant person thought of turning the little dial thing that controls the temperature and Voila! coldness. (and frost on the back, but we're not worried about that are we?)

So the fridge is fine.

The freezer is, well, as big as my hand. But that's normal right?

Last, but not the least used, the oven.

(and the food was as good as it looks. Thanks for asking.)


philter said...

lol, great post... now i want to dig up my photos of my kitchen in spain. they kept it in a closet. a very small one. no, not one of those nice walk-in closets. oddly enough, the kitchen also included a tiny clothes-washer, but no dryer. maybe the oven was supposed to be dual purpose...

Swimming with frogs said...

Interesting. People here seem to keep their washing machines in their kitcehns as well. Doubles as counter space that way too. We couldn't find a place for ours in the kitchen, so it gets to live with the bathtub.

Julie said...

Wow, and I was feeling sorry for us when our EXTRA refigerator went out! Life on a different planet, 'er country must be fascinating, if you can keep in mind it is not forever. I will never forget sleeping in the basement of some well-to-do friends of friends in Paris, and waking up to huge black ants all over our clothes. We then brushed everything off, stepped on a few, went out all day, and slept there again another night.... ahh memories.