Friday, December 1, 2006

Impersonating Martha Stewart

I've won awards.

Yes, I have.

I don't want brag, but I won the Grand Champion at the Clark County Fair twice. And went to the State Fair and won a purple ribbon for cake decorating.

Yes, I did.

You can't bottle this kind of talent.

So when my son asked for a caved-in-face-of-a-dog-with-a-poodle-perm-cake, what was I supposed to say?

"Uh, sorry kid, but that's too easy for me."

I don't think so. He's my son.

Now, I did go to for inspiration. But frankly, she was lacking in the edgy-cakes-n-stuff section. I had to really modify her suggestions just to get the cake to cave in.

So, I know people will google for this and frankly, I think I'm the only one on the web who can really help.

Here's some tips:

1. Stand by the oven and constantly check the temperature, changing it as you think the cakes might be baking unevenly. Switch them around when one totally seems like it's burning and the other one is still batter. (No, this did not happen to me. I'm just trying to prepare you. You know, if you're not as good a baker as I am.)

2. Don't use wire racks. Totally worthless when you're looking for a caved in impression (or is it depression?) It's much better to use newspaper, but then, during the cooling period, switch them to foil because the tops are sticking to the paper that will help the tops peel off.

3. Four batches of frosting is not quite enough, but that's perfect for that nouveau-amateur look you're going for. (You won't get this tip at!)

4. Don't worry if people don't get your vision. It's takes time. Maybe just tell them it's a really bad looking lion cake and they'll leave you alone.

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JoyfulJessica said...

Happy Birthday, C. I think Mommy's got another award-winning cake there!