Friday, December 1, 2006

Five is so last year

C woke up on the day of his party and finally conceded to being a year older, even though his birthday had been 3 days previous.

"Enough five." he said. "I'm six now."

He wanted a lion cake. (He even thought it looked like one.)

Because of his recent interest in castles and kings, everyone who came to his party made and decorated a crown to wear.

At this point, I checked the clock and was shocked to see it had only been 15 minutes since we'd begun.

They played with balloons.

They ate macaroni and cheese and hot dogs and corn. (except for the kid that just ate white bread with ketchup!)

They played pin the tail on the bear with a mane lion.

They played musical chairs.

"They" opened presents.

They ate lion cake.

And they fought over the red licorice whiskers and the candles with the frosting on the ends.

But it was fun.

P.S. We didn't invite any French kids. We didn't feel like we knew anyone well enough or more importantly, the language.


>>>The Voice said...

That is very funny and cute!

>>>The Voice<<<

Julie said...

Happy belated birthday, Calvin!