Saturday, December 2, 2006

Questionable Thursdays

Mr. French thinks this blog is going downhill fast. He didn't say that exactly. It's not that he doesn't like it either. He just thinks it should be less about me and more about the French.

So, I've come up with a solution. He will do all the blogging.

Just kidding. (We might as well pack up and go home if we have to wait for him to blog.) (Anyone waiting for him to reply to your e-mail? uh-huh.)

Instead, at the beginning of the week (or you can start now) you can post your burning questions about living in France. Then on Thursday (or thereabout) I will report back with my opinion/observation complete with pictures (hopefully).

So, what do you want to know?
  • Are the french fries any good?
  • Can you get California wine here?
  • Do people really eat that green-stuff stuffed snail shells found in the freezer section of the grocery store?
  • Where's the best upscale chocolate store in town? ("But, honey, I have to. It's for the blog!")
If you don't ask any questions I'll be stuck thinking up topics on my own. That might not be pretty.

  • The best way to walk to school and back.
  • How to clean an all-linoleum apartment.
  • The most efficient way to pack your stroller at the grocery store.
  • Do people really say "a-toot-a-lure" instead of "see ya later"?

You can leave a comment as yourself or anonymously. You can even do it privately by e-mail. I will pick one (maybe two) a week to blog about. Try to think of topics that would be interesting to me everyone generally. Or just ask anything you want. I'll just ignore you if it's stupid not as interesting.


JoyfulJessica said...

Oh pick me, pick me!!

In America, the French are often portrayed as rude and arrogant. Is it so?

I've got more questions, but I'll save them for next week! :-)

>>>The Voice said...

What temperature do the french start to put on coats?
For instance here it is 50 degrees.
What is it there?

>>>The Voice<<<

shawnee john said...

does the French still use e-mail?

philter said...

how about a post about grocery store adventures? or a french language post, perhaps with some false cognates... for example, in espaƱol, "¿Estas constipada?" doesn't mean what it looks like it means, it means, "Do you have a cold?"