Thursday, December 14, 2006

A question for all the Cheese Aficionados out there:

Is feta supposed to be creamy?

I mean oozy?

Don't get grossed out. There are lots of cheeses (that's for you Jared!) that are oozy and they're good.

But feta?

And if it's oozy in some places, but then crumbly, like you'd expect, in other places, is that bad?

And you're pretty sure you've bought it before and it wasn't oozy then?

(or was it?)

What if it smells a little funny, but it's a brand new package?

I mean almost all "real"* cheese smells a little funny up close.


Questions to ponder.

* "real" in this sense excludes most "American" cheese that generally have no taste and especially excludes any cheese you can get out of a can or in powder form and any kind that is orange. I'm not a snob in real life, but I think I can get my food snob card renewed now.

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