Friday, December 15, 2006

Questionable Thursdays Friday

She cleared her throat.

The microphone screeched.

She jumped nervously. "Em, Hi."

"Hi!" said a chorus of voices in the hotel conference room.

"I'm, well, this is my first time and I'm, ahh......I'm a procrastinator." She said, her voice breaking slightly at the end. She looked down for a moment, and tightening her fist, she looked back up.

Silence filled the room as thirty faces stared back at her expectantly.

She continued nervously. "I-I avoid things that I think might be a little hard even if they're really not and I don't like deadlines. Even self-imposed ones." She rolled her eyes a little. The shame advancing up her throat.

Again, silence.

Instantly she revolted. Aren't they supposed to be supporting me? What's the use of a support group for procrastinators if they don't support you? It's not my fault. She thought defensively.

"I mean I don't exactly avoid things. I just delay them a little. And sometimes it just gets too late and then sometimes I don't have time and I internet got disconnected?" her voice grew quieter, "just a little bit?" She trailed off and looked down at her hands pinched together in a half-hearted attempt to be convincing.

Several people in the audience cleared their throats.

"I mean, I guess I could've done it last night instead of reading other stuff on....the....internet." She trailed off.

The crowd turned their full attention to the woman standing at the front of the room, now trying to hide behind the skinny microphone stand.

"Ohhhh, right. Right." She nodded, understanding now. She wiped a sweaty palm down the side of her pants and pasted on her best smile.

"Well, um, I guess I need to go blog now?" she said.

The crowd nodded in unison.

She backed up a few steps and then for the first time noticed the audio equipment in the corner.

"This isn't being taped, is it?"

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Jay said...

Ok, this still gets my vote for a rather original and enjoyable blog. Not that I have searched high and low for others, but I've seen a few, and I'm still having fun when I check on it every blue moon. I leave a comment on this particular post because I enjoy the literary aspects not a little, including this one from Procrastinating Bloggers Anonymous.