Saturday, December 23, 2006

What to say, what to say...


It's been awhile.

I know.

Oh, I had so many plans for this week.

and then

I got sick.

And I got very little done. Verrrry little.

But I'll make you a deal.

If I get the urge to blog from now until 6:53 a.m. Tuesday morning, you'll see it here first.

If not, I'll take pictures and make notes and see you in 2007.




shawnee john said...

Sorry you got sick. Have a Merry Christmas.


Seth said...

HEY. Hope you're enjoying France and learning frenchy and looks like you're eating good food and seeing cool, beautiful places as well.
The J's keep us up to date on ya'll.
Gods richest blessings on you this Christmas!

Abby Prescott

sethswifeforlife said...

oops, that was me, Abby, not Seth. :-)

shawnee john said...

Hope you had a wonderful New Years celebration.

It seems like you waivered. Whether in posting or in your favorite food.

Use multiple trips to the Boulangerie and Beaufort and figure which restaurant is best for each food and overall.

If there is a place with even better of your favorite food please tell us.
Get Mr. French's evaluation but we care about yours most.

Travis said...

I have lost my source of bi-daily entertainment :'( (sob sob)
Get well soon. =)