Friday, January 5, 2007

No, really, thank YOU for making us feel so loved.

We got back from Scotland in the dark Thursday night to find so many beautiful and encouraging messages on the blog.

Well, beautiful is a stretch, but I was encouraged by all the comments. I think I get more comments when I don't write than when I do.

Wait a second.

How is that supposed to be encouraging?

(No, really, thank you, I love comments.)

So, I was sick almost up until we left. And I thought, surely that means we'll all be healthy during our vacation. Or at the very least, only dear Mr. French will be sick. I mean, it's only fair. We (the kids and I) were all sick for awhile and not Mr. French, so he should be the next one to lay in bed trying to remember what it feels like to be happy standing upright. And guess what happened?


Why is it that men don't have to be pregnant and they never get sick? I'm just sayin'.

But his progeny did a great job of making up for him because there were only two days out of 10 that one of the three did not vomit or have diarrhea.

But we had a great time. It was just the sort of vacation we needed, with just the right sort of people. People who know what it's like to live in a foreign country. Who don't like to get up as early as their kids. Who know as well as we do what it's like to live in a small apartment and to always feel a little unsettled, even when they're settled. Who would rather shop than clean the bathroom. Or shop rather than deal with cranky kids off their routine who keep asking to go home (yeah, those were ours). People who also moved to France and then moved back home again.

See, my kind of people.

So, people, I'm coming back! I promise I'll be posting again soon but I'm not giving myself some big looming deadline! (use your valley-girl voice "cuz, I like, don't really like them.")

I have lots of blogging ideas.

And I now have 291 photos to sort through and blog about.

Plus, I need to blog about the first three months we were here before the French could invent the internet. Or was that Gore. I'm so confused.


Travis said...

I'm glad to see you back. Let's see some of the 291 pictures.

Jared Jaroski said...

Great to to know ya'll are back! Sorry ya'll are sick. We are all getting over a virus to. ttyl

Jared Jaroski said...

24 Season 6 starts Jan 14. I wonder if they would broadcast it over there in French? =)

Swimming with frogs said...

It would probably be delayed if it is on. We won't be finding out because we don't want to pay a tax just to have a television.