Friday, February 9, 2007

We need some Jonafinn stories...

J walks to school with his brothers every day.

Then he comes home and has another breakfast.

Just because he can.

Today he got out the bread and asked me (mostly with sounds and gestures) to cut it for him. Then he asked for something on top. I asked if he wanted butter. Unclear. I asked if he wanted, jelly. Unclear. I brought out the butter and the (just recently acquired) peanut butter to see if he wanted to try something new.

He said in the most pathetic tone, "Nooo." Then pointed towards the refrigerator.

"You want jelly?" I asked again.

He nodded.

I spread raspberry jam on his bread. I left him at the table to sort the laundry. When I came back, he asked me for another slice of bread. I picked up the knife and out of the corner of my eye I spied....

Do you see it? Way off in the corner where nobody is sitting...

Wasn't it nice of J to share his bread spread with raspberry jam with nobody so he could get another piece?


Today he also helped hang the clothes on the line to dry.

I was actually quite impressed. He did several things all by himself.


J has a little friend named Sydney. She is three. She talks like she's four or five at least. One day we were over at her house. Her sisters and J's brothers were all in another room watching a movie. J had been following Sydney between that room and the one all the grown-ups were in all evening. At one point, Sydney's Dad asked her what her favorite movie is.

She smiled and said in a very grown-up voice, "Oh, Daddy! You know what my favorite movie is! It's Mary Poppins! I love the songs in Mary Poppins....." She goes on dramatically for a paragraph.

When she stops to breathe, her Dad asked J what his favorite movie is.

J looks at him and just says, "Nope."

Without missing a beat, Sydney throws her hands in the air and exclaims, "He talks!"


J, otherwise known as Jonafinn to his brothers and others who cannot pronounce his name, has injured his head twice and required ER visits, since we've been here in France.

Recently her Mom was telling us, Sydney often stands up in her chair while at the dinner table and they always admonish her saying, "Sit down or you're going to fall and break your head."

The other day she stood up in her chair and they quickly scolded her, "Sit down."

Sydney interjected, "Or I fall down and break my Jonafinn?"


Jared Jaroski said...

That is truly a hilarious story!

shawnee john said...

With recurring acne and youngsters that ask what it is, you have given me a new medical term...a Jonafinn.