Saturday, February 10, 2007

Playing Pretend (a posting for the grandparents)

The boys like to pretend they are super-heroes.

They call themselves "Super-man" or "Incredible" or "Buzz Lightyear".

A more accurate description might be "Pillowcase boys".

(Notice the flying stance.)

(Boots complete the outfit!)

Once, Jonafinn asked me to tie a kitchen towel like a cape around his neck. Then he decided he also wanted a kitchen towel around his front like a bib. We called him "Captain Kitchen towel man". (Sorry, no pictures of that.)

He also has a "flying stance".

Usually he pretends to be "Buzz" and stands on his chair at the table, facing away from the table, puts his arms out in front like he's flying, and makes "flying noises". You kinda have to be there.

Did I tell you that this week started the "Vacances d'hiver"? Our two weeks off in February started early for the boys. Their school is moving to a new building and the teachers needed an extra day to move. So the boys were all home on Friday. C is very creative and loves to do arts and crafts. I was sitting at the kitchen table when he said, "Look at me Mom."

"Wow. That's cool. Is that your armor? Are you a soldier?"


I go back to reading again. Then a thought occurs to me.

"Wait a second. How is that sticking to you?"


"Ohhhhh. Oh, well."

Then everyone had to do it.

S is "defender of the alphabet".

Jonafinn is "stick a random paper on and call it a day".

C decided to get more creative and have armor for his arm. He had plans to make boots and leg armor, but thankfully, we ran out of glue.

As we say here, "Oh, well."


shawnee john said...

If you don't have heroes you sure have characters.

Jared Jaroski said...

yeah I looked something like that growing up!

Travis said...

Man that sure looks like fun ;)

crazyhouseholdof9 said...

I love watching your boys growing up. When something needed fixing, the answer always was, "Let's tape it!" Ok, sometimes it worked (a torn book, or paper) but not other times (broken plate, torn shirt). Ah, give me the simple life!

crazyhouseholdof9 said...

That previous post was a tad unclear. The second sentence should be, When our boys were that age...Sorry, scatterbrained mother.