Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Easter Chicken? Are snails cute?

These are the questions to ponder when you're observing a different country's holiday traditions. Our neighbor who lives directly below us, (and coos* over our kids whenever she sees them) brought these over, right before our vacation.

Chocolate chickens, sitting on their eggs.
And, really, it makes more sense than baby chicks.
Nobody wants to eat a baby chick.

But sometimes it's hard to figure out how, exactly, to eat a chicken.

This isn't working too well...

Maybe the eggs will be easier.

You have to look really hard, but there's a dart gun at my head
forcing me to eat chocolate eggs.

(Or was it a plastic sword?)

I had to do it.

Several times.

That, and my kids aren't big chocolat fans.
(Did you think I was going to let Mr. French eat them all?)

Mr. French was busy working out his feelings for the holiday, anyway.

And then, another neighbor dropped by with three of these:

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that, yes, snails can be cute.

*FYI, our neighbor lady is very kind, we really like her, but yes, she actually says, "Coo-coo" to them. Especially J. He just keeps smiling, though. Which makes her love him more I think.


Travis said...

Chocolate snails? I don't know about that. But I think a easter chicken is more sensible than a rabbit!
While we are on the topic of chocolates if you freeze a hershey bar for app. 1 hour....

Dad said...

Does your neighbor say "coo-coo" to Mommy French?

Swimming with frogs said...

No, the most we've talked about in French is bonjour! and "yes, the boys go to school", and nodding my head that they are "beau".
Then she said to Mr, French later, "Your wife doesn't speak French does she?"

Just when you think they can't tell.... :)

megan said...

As a Texan living in Aix en Provence since August, I have found the "coo-coo" saying funny, too. All the parnets at my girls' school say it, so I think it's normal!
Your blog is great-keep writing!!

mama snail said...

OF COURSE SNAILS ARE CUTE!!! is that even a legitimate question? ps seriously where can i get chocolate snails? my sons are snail groupies

Swimming with frogs said...

Well, these were given to us by a French woman, so you could probably get them at a chocolate store in France.