Tuesday, April 3, 2007


We're leaving in a few minutes on a


We planning to drive down to Nimes, Ales,
and Aix-en-Provence.
We hope to see the coast
and walk on the beach too.

We're planning to be gone for 2 nights
and we'll catch you up on all the fun when we get back.


meredith said...

The weather is great down here this weekend, you'll have a wonderful time!

Robert McKissick said...

It snowed today in Indiana!

Jessica said...

How was your vacation?

Swimming with frogs said...

I'm so glad people still check this even when I'm not good at posting!

We had a great time, thanks for asking. I will post about it.

We had good weather when we were down there and it's been beautiful every day since we've been back. I've even heard that Texas is cold!

I wish it had been cold when we were there...

Sue said...

Oh yes, Texas was cold! (But today it's not... I'm in Houston.) I love reading your blog.