Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Haunted House

I have often wondered, as I walked along this road toward the language school...

what kind of stories this old gate would tell, if only it could?

This old house is the only one I've seen in the neighborhood that is in such disrepair.

It's in a prime location to downtown shops and restaurants.
Just blocks from the train station.

It has beautiful architecture and details you could never find
on a contemporary home built today.

It even has a guest house on the property.

So, why would someone just let it go like this?

The rumor is...

it's haunted.

Why would someone let a valuable property go
just because someone else might say it's haunted?

Well, the story is, that it was occupied by the Nazi's during World War II.
I assume that means it was stolen and it makes me wonder if it was owned by Jewish people prior. But I don't know those details. I do know that there were Jewish people living in this town at the time of the occupation because there is a plaque about two Jewish students who were taken from a school here and shipped to concentration camps.

Which is why I wonder about it every time I pass by.

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Travis said...

Very interesting. If I lived around it I would have to go inside it some night and explore it. That would be so manly!