Friday, May 11, 2007

Where's the beach? (Day 3)

Day three we woke up in Aix-en-Provence.

It only makes sense since that's where we went to bed.

What could possibly capture the attention of three boys like this?

No surprise there. Especially since they haven't seen a TV since they were in Scotland. Nothing like Scooby Doo in Italian to keep children occupied.

Then we went to visit a school Mr. French was interested in.

Then we left.

That's pretty much all we did in Aix. It's a shame but we just didn't have time for more, since this was our last day and we still wanted to see the coast and the Mediterranean Sea.

Then we ate at McDonalds. Again. (we were too ashamed to take pictures again.)

Driving to the coast.

Mr. French took all these pictures.

Searching for treasures.

J contemplating the water. I was surprised, but my fearless 2 year old was a little afraid of the water at first.

Not for long though. You may be wondering why we weren't wearing swimming clothes. First, it was still pretty cold. Secondly, I had decided that changing into swimming trunks would just encourage them to get wet, because you see, that's not the point of going to the beach in the spring. No, the point was just to see it and walk around and enjoy just the aura of beachness that is, well, the beach.

What was I smoking when I came up with that plan?

Like that was ever going to happen.

But I enjoyed myself anyway. :) (Notice how C has his wet shorts hiked up to keep them from getting wet. Seems like the same kind of logic I had going on with the whole don't-bring-swim-clothes-to-the-beach-and-they-

A parting shot of the beach.

This is the first picture Mr. F tried to get...

and this is the last.
You can see why we don't spend money on professional photography anymore.

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