Tuesday, June 26, 2007

And back again.

Sorry I haven't posted in several weeks.

We've been busy.

Finishing up, packing up, saying good-bye.

Yelling at Neuf.

Remember how I said we were supposed to inform our internet company (and utility companies) in writing that we were moving, three months in advance? Well, we did it three weeks in advance thinking that we were really late. We got shut off a week before we left! Right when we had calls to make and e-mail to stay on top off. So annoying.

But here we sit in a hotel in Lyon with "free" wifi internet. We had to get two rooms, but now we have two TVs! We're watching American shows dubbed in French. And Mr. French understands what they're saying! I guess it was all worth it.

He graduated by the way. Got a diploma and everything.

And now we're going back home.

But check back for an update in a few weeks. I might even retro-post about France. I have a couple thousand pictures I didn't blog about. And think about us tomorrow. Getting up early to sit around in airports, twiddling our thumbs. The boys are totally psyched!


*The*Fashion*Girl* said...

we can't wait in till we see you!
and joelle can't wait in till she sees the your boys!



Travis said...

Welcome back to the USA!

Kathryn said...

I am glad you made a safe trip I just wish you didn't miss your flit.

Andrew & Alaina said...

Hey! Where are you now?

JoyfulJessica said...

Hey guys, how about an update on life back in the U.S.??