Thursday, August 9, 2007

I'm not going to apologize.

Sorry, but I just can't do it.

I'm glad people still read my dead blog though.

Okay, it's not dead. It's just taking a very long nap. (I think I should wake it before supper though, or it'll be up all night. At least that's what happens when Jonafinn does.)

I've enjoyed the break.

But I think I'm ready to start all the anxious nights of laying awake, wondering what I should blog about, staying up late loading pictures and typing commentary.

You know you're ready for a blog when you ponder how you can make eating cold toast sound witty and interesting.

Or, not.

We had an eventful trip from France to Texas to Ohio, with numerous stops in between. (Once to the ER and four to various rental truck places.)

But, actually, I didn't come here to update, although I hope to soon. I came here to see if anyone could help me out.

I'm going to start a new blog (since this one is mostly just because we were in France) and I don't know what to call it. I don't want to use our names, or our children and I definitely don't want to use our location (mostly b/c I don't want to start a new blog every two years). Since I'm the one blogging, it could be about me, although it doesn't have to be.

So, leave a comment with your suggestions or I may just have to delay all the fun house-hunting, mouse-trapping, splashing-in-rain-puddle video blogging updates. Or the 232 reasons why we are definitely not going to buy the house we're renting. Well, maybe not all of them. Just one or two.

(I'm also going to add my current thoughts about titles to the comments section.)


Swimming with frogs said...

Oh goody! I'm first!

First thought was... how about Mr. French's wife

That sounds kinds dumb. What about Mr. F's wife

MisterF's wife


See, I need help.

Swimming with frogs said...

Dueling frogs

(we could get a picture of frogs dueling with swords. Or not)

Frog wannabes

Maybe we should leave the frog thing alone. Only the French and the English seem to get it anyway.

JoyfulJessica said...

How about:
This Side of the Pond
The Keebler Effs
Away With Words

Or wouldn't this one be cool:
Trendy Blog Name

Will post again if I think of more.

sethswifeforlife said...

I'm sethswifeforlife and I like my blog name. So, your Mr. French's wife names sound kinda cool.
what about froggieshaven or I do like the dueling frogs that's creative.
Speaking of frogs, we found one IN OUR KITCHEN this afternoon. Quite the size too. And for south TX? I have no idea why it made it's haven in our kitchen, or how long it'd been there.
froggyhaven. there's another one using frogs.
ok, my creative juices are dying off.
ENJOY whatever you use. Look forward to reading your updates. You're a wonderfully, funny creative writer (of which I am NOT!)

Swimming with frogs said...

Trendy Blog name is funny.

Or how about

Really Good blog title

Witty and Interesting Blog

Bookmark me

Swimming with frogs said...

We've been finding a number of toads lately here, but I would think that's more common here. However, you guys got so much rain, maybe more of the tadpoles lived this time, instead of frying in the heat.

I asked Mr. French if he had any ideas, and he did not.

So I still need help.

>>>The Voice said...

1. TheMcDewell's
2. Hidden Haven
3. Days of Joy
4. Days of Glory
5. Blog of Peace & Joy
I will post a comment again if I think of anything else.

Graham Carver Jaroski

Swimming with frogs said...

Hmmm, Blog of Peace and Joy, somehow, doesn't sound like me. Unless you mean it in an ironic way.

Days of Glory sounds like a manly movie, which is..kind life with three boys.

We'll have to think on it.

Derick and Sarah Leonard said...

okay,so now your incredibly witty, spectacular cousin gets to comment!
ok - depends what your focus is...
if your kids, then...
Three Little Men
Life of Boys
Nevernever Land
Three fine boys - see how they run

Okay, not too funny...

but, if a combo of life with boys and men (ooops, MAN)
Life with boys and man

or, to highlight your culinary tastes:
Scone meets croissant
Pudding and Creme Brulee
Mud Pie or Chocolate Torte?

or the wimsy:
Sandcastle in the Sky
Puddles and Ponderings
Pocket Full of Wry

or the goofy:
Dry Wit Writ
Catch, You Can!
Tear up, tear up
Aix me no more...

Since you move allot:
Traveling Gypsies
By boat & plane, car & train
Hop, Skip and Jump
Soul train (whole plane)

the witty:
Blog the Frog
Treat Me Write
Google Blooger
Pun the Fun
Messes Adresses

husband Derick just suggested you try anagrams with your names or see site like for id's (ideas)

Hope you enjoy!

Natalie said...

I like Dueling Frogs.

OR, since you DO travel/move a lot:

Where's the Trip?

OR something like:

Our Life's a Trip
("trip" possibly having more than one meaning)

Swimming with frogs said...

Oooo, Sarah had a lot of good sugestions. It's good to get a lot of ideas to jump from too.

I like Natalie's suggestions about traveling or moving a lot. That does seem to be a constant in our life.

Life's a Trip

Living out of a suitcase

Life happens while you're busy moving

Life happens when you're busy packing

Life happens when you're busy un-packing

I actually didn't think about it much this weekend. But maybe that's good, b/c I think I'm getting closer to deciding.

And I really need to update. I know you want to know how many mice we're "caught" so far.

JoyfulJessica said...

I like The Frog Blog and The Dueling Frogs.

How about:

The Dueling Frog Blog

>>>The Voice said...

Well since you are already back from France I would not do anything frogs. But about 2 weeks ago it had rained for a couple weeks straight and everytime I would work outside I would see frogs. I saw 50 a day. It was really KrAzY.

Graham Carver Jaroski

Derick and Sarah Leonard said...

Well, since you "decided" on the traveling theme, I have you to thank for my sleepless night - mind-a-whirling...
here goes:

U-Haul kids
Goodbye games
3 years in the belly of a plane
The windowseat
Forgotten toothbrush
Missed the bus
Funnelcloud (Whirlwind) trip
Egg-toasted travelers
Tale of two countries
Plane tired
Are we there yet?
Nice trip, next fall
Hair today, gone tomorrow
Seat back in front of you
We've had reservations (!!)
To Our Bus

and my favorite...
Never Left Home
(because, wherever your family is - THAT'S home!)

Okay, get lost or get a map!

Your completely egg-toasted cousin,

Swimming with frogs said...

Dude, you are so good.

You always were more creative than I. You still are.

This one made me laugh:
3 years in the belly of a plane

I agree with this one:
Plane tired

These appeal to me, though I'm not sure why:
Nice trip, next fall
We've had reservations (!!)

And I really like this one:
Never Left Home

I'm so close to deciding, people. So close.
I need to ask the Mr. about a few things though.

Swimming with frogs said...

That is crazy, Graham. did you see that Sethswifeforlife had one in her kitchen? Texas just doesn't know what to do with all that rain.

crazyhouseholdof9 said...

How 'bout Leap Frog(s).

Anonymous said...

Wow since I never even click on comments ... credit goes to Nat since she discussed the title during THE family call (!!!) and got me curious ... yup, anyway, you NEED dueling in it ... so combine the traveling/moving theme w/ dueling ...
1. Dueling Home
2. Dueling Addresses
ok, so I don't have it yet, but that's what brainstorming is all about ...

Swimming with frogs said...

I am officially famous.

Anonymous people are talking about this blog in their "family talks"! How often does that happen?!

I like your suggestions Jenn! Oops, I mean, Anonymous person.

Anonymous said...

how about Dueling Nomads?

just happened to pop in and decided to give my two cents for once. LOVE reading your's so YOU! :)


JoyfulJessica said...

So????? We're all waiting! :-)