Friday, June 1, 2007

Favorite pictures

I do actually have a lot to blog about. Which is why there are no postings. It's the pressure of it all. So, in true procrastinator style, I'll post about something completely different.

This one is obviously because C just lost a tooth, but I like it because of how he's not looking at the camera.

This would probably be a better picture if Jonafinn was out of it (how can you say that?) because I especially love the expression on Seff's face. Plus, his red hair stands out, nicely.
It was taken in Geneva a couple of weeks ago. We had split up and Mr. F had these boys and I had C. Mr. F was trying to take a picture of something else. Something without little boys in it. But the little boys wanted him to take their picture. So, to get them to cease and desist he
took their picture.

I like the composition of this shot, plus the expressions on our faces. However, the reason it looks kind of fake is because the original was too dark. But I still like it lightened. In fact, it kind of looks like a painting, now. Yeah, it's not some low-class fake-looking photo, it's a painting. I mean it was taken in a Castle Museum in Nantes, France after all. And that ain't low-class.

(I'm so glad I live in 2007 with digital photography!)

Incidently, C has a new name. He is now known as "Va". So dubbed by Jonafinn. A lot of Jonafinn's sentences start with "Eff and Va ....". My favorite sentence so far was
"Eff. Owie. Va!" Smacking his hands together to illustrate. (Translation: S hurt (gave him an "owie") C. And btw, it was an accident. Certain fingers were in the wrong place when the door opened.)


>>>The Voice said...

Great pictures, I agree with you that the lightened one is a better picture, but I will say the unlightened picture looks more like a painting.
Have a great day!

>>>The Voice<<<

Joseph said...

I am glad we live in 2007 too.
It's good to see you update!

Joseph J

Kathryn said...

Great photos Mrs. Dewell!
I love when you update! we will see you soon! =)

sethswifeforlife said...

my son that is the same age as yours just lost his first tooth too last week. (see my blog for pics. www/ cute pictures btw.